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In-house training solutions

Building risk talent to deliver your objectives

IIRSM in-house training solutions helps you to improve your capability to managing risks, build organisational resilience and drive operational effectiveness to achieve strategic objectives. 

Our in-house solutions provide: 

  • Cost effective learning for ten or more people
  • Tailored course content to fit your organisational needs
  • Flexible delivery to work with your teams 

Our approach
We go through the following five step process.  

  1. Build a picture
    We need to understand your organisation’s external and internal environment. 
  2. Engage with your people
    We meet your teams and get to know how your people think and work.
  3. Design your programme
    We challenge and analyse your requirements to design programmes that truly meet your organisational and team needs.
  4. Deliver your programme 
    We use experienced and engaging trainers to deliver your programme.
  5. Continuously evaluate our solutions 
    We continuously evaluate and improve each programme and monitor how your staff apply their learning back into the workplace.  

What can we deliver for you? 

Training Needs Analysis 
We work with you to identify and explore specific development needs in your team, whether bridging a critical skills gap, achieving targeted business goals or finding new ways of working together. We can then design a programme to address these areas in a way that suits you. We can help benchmark your team’s strengths and future development needs against IIRSM’s professional standards of competence which defines the standards for risk management.       

Customised in-house programmes
We will work with you to understand your objectives and adapt an existing course to create a tailored course to meet your specific needs.  

Off-the-shelf courses
We will deliver our standard courses for you for groups of 10 or more people. We will carry out a small amount of tailoring to ensure suitable case studies are used to help contextualise courses to your delegate group’s needs. 

Bespoke training 
We can work with you to develop complete bespoke training course to achieve your business goals. We can design and deliver programmes to address your specific needs in a way that suits you. 

Why choose IIRSM? 

  1. We are an independent educational charity that believes everyone is responsible for managing risk. We believe that educating at all levels is the only way to successfully embed risk management.
  2. We have expertise in our membership from different sectors, which we can draw upon, such as through providing 'guest speakers' as part of any ongoing training. 
  3. We have a competency framework that includes technical, business and behavioural competences. Our training is underpinned by this. 
  4. We can offer discounted membership providing access to ongoing resources and networking opportunities. Training doesn't stop at the course stage. 
  5. We follow a robust educational process to develop our courses. We always have the final objective in mind.

Contact our training team to discuss your specific requirements. 

T: 0208 600 2371