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Take the opportunity to continue your professional development and network with your fellow peers at the upcoming Yorkshire branch meeting and facility tour. 

Facility Tour: SoloProtect

SoloProtect Limited (originally Connexion2 Limited) was formed in 2003 and specialise in helping organisations protect their lone workers.

SoloProtect is a fully managed, all-inclusive one worke service, helping employers to protect lone workers since they established in 2003, providing direct to marke solutions since 2007. 

In June 2017, the Identicom lone worker device was re-branded as SoloProtect ID, with the release of an updated device and improved functionality, forming the first step of a wider product road-map for the next 12 months. The primary aim of SoloProtect continues to be to deliver leading lone worker solutions via compelling technology, whilst giving great service to customers.

Please note, due to limited space and security concerns, only 18 spaces are available for this visit.

Names of attendees along with the make, colour and reg. number of vehicles must be made available by the 24/11/2017 for onward notification to site security. 

RSVP: We ask you kindly to pre-register for the branch meeting by emailing Peter Zunda at or adding the meeting to your cart and following the checkout process. 

Tuesday, 28 November, 2017 - 13:30 - 16:00
Suzy Lamplugh House Vantage Park, Sheffield, S9 1RG
Including VAT
Including VAT

Event Date & Location


13:30 -  Tour of Alarm Receiving Centre


14:30 - Introduction to Solo Protect Identicom badges.  

- Company history

- What is the Identicom badge?

- Benefits to staff and companies


14:50 - How Solo Protect works for the Sodexo Community Rehabilitation Company       


15:10 - IIRSM Agenda


15:45 -  Finish & Goodie bag for all attendees