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In this webinar, Dr Sarah Gordon, co-founder and CEO of Satarla and Risk Adviser to Inspiration-all, will discuss how to stay ahead of emerging risks. Using a real life example of a Satarla Associate stuck abroad due to Covid-19 related border restrictions, Sarah will discuss how to: 

  • Implement and monitor leading indicators of Emerging Risks 
  • Effectively assess risk in real-time 
  • Choose the best course of action for mitigation 
  • Trigger response plans 

Wednesday, 10 June, 2020 - 10:00 - 10:45
Dr Sarah Gordon

Sarah is an expert in risk management training, consulting and research. Having originally trained and worked as a geologist (both in exploration and onsite) for Anglo American, she then moved into sustainability, asset divestment and risk & assurance, working in Latin America, Southern Africa and Europe. Her final role in Anglo American was Head of Assurance and Risk Analysis for Sustainability and Technical. 

Sarah co-founded Satarla in 2014 to provide practical, accessible risk management to those clients she works with. She has worked with a wealth of different organisations globally including: banks, healthcare, agriculture, professional sport, nutrition, charities, governments and mining. This has allowed her to understand how risk management can truly be beneficial to an organisation, rather than just a 'tick-box'. 

Sarah is the Risk Adviser to Inspiration-all - a collective of experts dedicated to helping businesses achieve their vision.