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Members only are invited to register to attend the AGM 2019.  Following the meeting are delighted to present an inspirational and thought provoking seminar from Stewart Hill.  

On the 4th July 2009, Stewart was suddenly catapulted from being a manager to being managed. Fragments of shrapnel from a bomb tore through his skull leaving him clinging onto life. As Stewart embarked upon his first few steps through rehabilitation the markedly different effects of a “brain injury” hit home. He suffered changes to his entire cognitive behaviour and personality. He has had to manage life with brain impairments including impaired memory, loss of executive functioning skills and deep frustration brought on by an inability to carry out everyday tasks as he used to, while retaining his intellect and aspirations to excel.

Despite this, Stewart made progress and is now able to share his story, speaking specifically on reframing the brain, stress management, emotional regulation, mental resilience and leadership.

This is neither a ‘Colonel Blimp’ lecture nor Stewart just telling us about his experiences within his environment. These are real lessons essential to all who want to realise their potential and who aspire to lead.

Following the seminar you are invited to join us at the President's Reception - an opportunity to network and enjoy a pre-Christmas drink with colleagues and friends in an friendly and welcoming setting.  

There is no charge for this event.



15.30  Arrival

16.00  AGM 

16.30  Refreshments

17.00  Incoming President's address

17.15  Seminar

18.15  President's networking reception

19.30  Close

Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 - 16:30 - 19:30
UBM, 19th Floor, 240 Blackfriars Rd, London SE1 8BF
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Including VAT

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Stewart Hill

From Sandhurst to the stage, Stewart is a creative inspirational speaker, leadership consultant, artist, actor and much more. 'One of the outstanding Officers of his generation', Stewart's successful Army career stopped as soon as shrapnel from an Improvised Explosive Device smashed into his brain. His narrative is about the new energy that has been released from the destructive force of the explosion that changed his life forever. Stewart’s candid discussion about his own post injury issues with mental health has opened up conversations about depression as a very real and personal issue. His life is about holding two apparently contradictory positions at once: a robust ex-Army Officer and now artist; negative and positive thoughts; a shattered and whole life; a functional and dysfunctional brain; and being powerful, determined and strong yet fragile. The story of his recovery and transformation is a thought provoking, visceral and entertaining perspective that engages audiences and leaves them mesmerised. 

Lieutenant Colonel Stewart Hill led his men on two tours to Afghanistan and his inspirational leadership marked him out as someone with a golden future in the British Army. That was until an Improvised Explosive Device sent shrapnel into his skull causing a severe traumatic brain injury in 2009. Gravely injured Stewart nearly didn’t make it but make it he did and his account of his survival, his recovery and his battle with this invisible but hugely devastating injury is powerful and massively inspirational. 

He inspires people to think differently, to place their own lives with a fresh perspective and to show how one can continue to grow and develop throughout life.

There is an emerging thread of leadership across his life: exercising the theory of leadership in the Army; questioning leadership and its importance during his recovery; and discovering the essence of leadership during his personal growth and forging a new identity.