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Effective influencing and engagement

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Creating and maintaining a risk-aware, safe and legally compliant working environment can only happen when key stakeholders have a clear understanding of the organisation's objectives and strategies, and of its value and culture. 

In every type of organisation, and every part of the world, informing and engaging stakeholders about the benefits of effective risk and resilience management is essential, if this is to happen. 

When voices with valuable information and insights are drowned out, threats can be ignored or badly managed and business opportunities missed. 

This 'live' online course is highly interactive and features lots of practical examples, covers personal skills needed to step up and speak out confidently. It also covers the practical skills needed to effectively influence the risks that matter most - particularly those that are shifting, escalating or new.

Who should sign up?

Anyone with responsibility for risk and its impact.

Key takeaways

  • Identifying and understanding your personal style and branding
  • Understanding your audience - stakeholder analysis
  • Effective listening techniques and tools
  • Effective advocacy and engagement techniques
  • Understanding language, commnication and consultation
  • Understanding formal and informal communications and networks

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