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Draft - Affiliate membership

Whatever your role, you make decisions that involves identifying and managing risk. If you have an interest in risk and risk management and want to connect with our members and partners, access online resources and advice, then why not be part of our community and become an Affiliate.

No previous experience required. It is particularly relevant, if you are:

  • A risk or safety champion within your organisation
  • Starting a career in risk management or associated discipline
  • Simply want to belong to a leading risk charity and professional body
  • Responsible for an organisational function (finance, marketing, R&D, legal, HR, procurement etc) and would benefit from understanding the importance and practice of managing risks (threats and opportunities) in relation to your job
  • Changing jobs or being promoted and want to develop new risk skills to have more impact through better decision-making  

As an Affiliate, you receive:

  • A free subscription to our online magazine, The Sentinel, full of topical features, opinions, interviews, and in-depth knowledge pieces
  • A monthly eNewsletter full of the latest views and news from IIRSM
  • Discounts off IIRSM training and events
  • Access to networking opportunities via our face to face and virtual regional networks and international branch events
  • Access to our free programme of topical webinars and seminars
  • Access to our online info hub, full of useful resources

Fees payable

The subscription fee is £71 per year - less than 20p per day for access to great benefits!

Apply online today

Prior to completing your application online, do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. You can call or email us at +44 (0)20 89741 9100 / 

Click here to apply online.