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Dangerous Dogs - Bite Back

IIRSM has supported the CWU campaign to introduce new dangerous dogs laws

Communication Workers Union (CWU) estimates that some 5,000 postal workers and around 400 telecom engineers are attacked by domestic pets each year; ranging from minor injuries to life-threatening incidents.

Because of a loophole in the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, there has been no redress for attacks that occur on private property. However, 70 per cent of the dog attacks on CWU members occur on private property, in gardens, drives, paths and private roads.

The Scottish, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland government's have all now introduced new dangerous dogs laws which apply everywhere including private property - (burglars, trespassers and criminals are not protected by such laws). The CWU are urging the English government to do the same.

IIRSM fully support the 'Dangerous Dogs - Bite Back' campaign, which has the below objectives:

- new UK wide laws, that prevents dog attacks on postal workers, children and others 
- the dog control laws to apply everywhere including private property 
- the introduction of new preventative Dog Control Notices (or 'dog ASBOs') 
- new measures to make owners more accountable and responsible for the actions of their dogs 
- better enforcement of the law by the police and local authorities dog wardens 
- harsher sentences by the courts for offending dangerous dog owners 
- compulsory insurance cover for dogs 
- microchipping of all dogs 
- raise awareness of the serious problem and generate support

For full details on this campaing please visit the Campaigns section of the CWU website.

Update August 2011: Dogs (Amendment) Act Northern Ireland comes into operation.Read more.

Update March 2012: Strengthen law now, demands CWU, after dog injures five police. Read more.

Update April 2012: Dog microchips 'to be compulsory' in England. Read more.

Update October 2014: New laws on dog attacks introduced Read more.