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COVID-19 recovery network

In the coming weeks and months as many of us start returning to work, organisations will be embedding new working practices and seeking to reassure their staff that it is safe to do so.   With so many aspects to consider, we will not all get it right first time, but ultimately, we want to ensure our people and their families stay safe and keep their livelihoods.

In many cases, individuals will not be returning to what they left before lockdown and will be feeling anxious at what they face. They may still be juggling home schooling, facing uncomfortable commutes, their suppliers and clients may have gone out of business or perhaps they will have lost colleagues and friends to the virus or redundancy.  Many will feel insecure about their own roles and their future.

There are still many uncertainties around COVID-19 and its health and economic impact, and the unclear messages from both government and businesses on what will and should happen over the coming period is not helping levels of anxiety.

To help navigate these unprecedented times and challenges, we believe collaborating through sharing experiences, ideas, advice, and support can help us all become more resilient in taking the next steps to deal with what is to come.

IIRSM has therefore created a friendly and accessible forum for concerns and practical advice to be aired.  The COVID-19 recovery network will help members to navigate the new landscape.  Members and experts from a range of disicplines and experience will provide expertis in: 

  • Business continuity
  • Business strategy/planning and transformation
  • Career preservation
  • Communication and stakeholder management
  • Data and cyber
  • HR
  • Human factors and psychology
  • Insurance
  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • Premises and facilities management
  • Reputation
  • Safety
  • Supply chain
  • Travel risk
  • Long-term working from home (remotely) – technology & logistics

Panel dates

Tuesday 18 August at 11.00 BST

Tuesday 15 September at 09.30 BST

Tuesday 13 October at 11.00 BST

All panel sessions will last for 60 minutes.

Each event will cover different issues and we will ask delegates to pose questions beforehand, so we have time to consider responses and if there is time, we will also take some questions live from delegates.

We will monitor the frequently asked questions and publish these on our website and work together to develop useful and practical factsheets that we can disseminate more widely within our communities.

Send in your questions on any topics affecting your people or your business and we will review and put the most common or relevant questions to our panel.

Submit your question now.