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Content and Editorial Panel

The purpose of this panel is to help IIRSM plan and disseminate valuable content to members via its online and printed channels.  The panel's responsibilities include:

  • Agreeing the themes and forward features for The Sentinel.
  • Providing industry insights, thought leadership and commentary.
  • Working with the technical advisory network to generate features, articles and technical content.
  • Contributing to and disseminating topical and timely news stories via social media.
  • Identifying relevant authors and interviewees.
  • Feeding into the content of the monthly eNewsletter.
  • Planning and co-ordinating technical and white papers.

Panel members must have a broad knowledge of their sector and a passion to help us deliver excellent content to our members.  Time commitments can vary and participation can be via video conferencing.

The panel

Steve Fowler MIIRSM, Chair

John Nelson FIIRSM

Stephen Lander  FIIRSM

Jonathan Gawthrop FIIRSM

Paul Bussey MIIRSM

Paul Reeve, MIIRSM

Graham Parker FIIRSM

Laura Aucott

Meetings are held six times per year.  Guest panelists are invited to join meetings on a regular basis.  Contact Clare Fleming if you are interested in getting involved, either with the panel or the peripheral network of contributors.