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Code Of Ethics

The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management's (IIRSM) Code of Ethics expresses the principles that the Institute expects its members to adopt in the execution of their duties.

The Institute’s members should:

  • only advise on, or undertake tasks, as risk and safety professionals in areas where they are competent and can practice in a prudent and diligent manner;
  • if self-employed ensure that appropriate professional indemnity insurance is current and up-to-date;
  • ensure that their professional competence is maintained and developed to meet the requirements of safety legislation and the demands of best practice;
  • seek to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible, and where such circumstances do arise, reveal the fact to all those who might be affected;
  • where relevant, inform the appropriate authority of any illegal or unethical risk or safety related behaviour;
  • conduct themselves with fairness when dealing with others and not engage in acts of racial or other forms of discrimination whatsoever;
  • act as the faithful agent of their clients or employers and accept personal responsibility for all work carried out by them or under their supervision;
  • assist colleagues and co-workers in their professional development and support them in following this Code of Ethics;
  • not knowingly bring the Institute or their fellow members into disrepute.

IIRSM believes that the agreement by all its members to the above code represents an essential aspect of its strength as an organisation with the integrity and vision to increase awareness of risk management globally.