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Coat of Arms


IIRSM was originally granted its Coat of Arms from Her Majesty’s College of Arms in 1984. The Latin words “Ubique-Protegimus” translates into “We provide protection everywhere”.

The use of arms spread in the Middle Ages from individuals to corporate bodies such as cities, towns and abbeys. On 10 March 1439 William Bruges, Garter King of Arms, granted arms to the Worshipful Company of Drapers, a London guild. Grants have been made continuously since then to livery companies, merchant companies, civic bodies, charities and hospitals. More recently, banking, shipping, insurance and other commercial companies have been given the right to bear arms.  In 2007 IIRSM was awarded a revised edition of its Coat of Arms.

Please note that the College of Arms has awarded the Coat of Arms to IIRSM for our use only and therefore members or other organisations are forbidden from using the Coat of Arms. Instead, if you are a member, you can download the IIRSM logo from the 'My Profile' section of this website where you will also find the terms and conditions for download.