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CDM and Principal Designer guidance and resources

CDM 2015 A Practical Guide for Architects and Designers
This is a must-have for all designers and architects who will need to utilise the new regulations in their projects from April 2015 onwards as well as the contractors, clients and consultants who will need to understand and collaborate with them

CDM Wizard App
CDM Wizard will help you to plan and organise your construction job and work together with others involved to make sure that the work is carried out without risks to health and safety. It will also help you to comply with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015); applicable across Great Britain. Available for iOS and Android devices or visit:

BSRIA BG 6 - Design Framework for Building Services

Health and Safety Executive - Managing contractors: A guide for employers

Health and Safety Executive - Using contractors: A brief guide

EBook: Construction Health Wonderful Facilities Management by Nick Bell 

Video explaining the basics of CDM

CDM 2015: Industry Guidance from HSE

Practical Guide to Using the CDM Regulations 2015 ‘Teamwork Not Paperwork’ (Putsman & McArthur) ISBN 978-0-7277-5990-0

CDM2015 Questions & Answers (Perry) ISBN 978-0-7277-6032-6

CDM2015 Regulations Explained (Joyce) ISBN 978-0-7277-6009-8

Life Long Learning for Health and Safety Risk Management A paper provided by the Inter Institutional Group on Health and Safety

Health & Safety: RIBA Plan of Work Guide

The following publications are available on the APS website: 

Principal Designer’s Handbook (2015)

APS/RIBA Publishing Design Risk Management (2007)