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Bringing Safety Out of the Silo

Health and safety management is about more than just compliance. Persuading management to properly embed health and safety into the business requires the safety practitioner to make the move from a compliance officer to a safety manager who is seen to be focused on the business. This e book is designed as a self help guide to take the safety practitioner through the business planning approach to safety management from vision to implementation. By using the language and methodologies familiar to senior management allows the safety practitioner to break down the barrier that often exists between management and technical specialist. 

The e book is written by Mike Stephens who has specialised for over 25 years in both the academic and pharmaceutical industry using business planning and resilience to impact organisations’ safety records. He has achieved reductions in lost time accident rates of up to 90% and all accident rates of 65% for a variety of organisations and has presented on his approach to conferences and meetings. Mike currently provides corporate safety, security and resilience strategy and direction for the Medical Research Council working in both the UK and Africa. He has represented the UK on EU Standard Working Groups on biosafety management and biosecurity and presented to international conferences on health and safety planning, personnel and bio security and business continuity. Mike served on the UK’s High Containment Coordination Group and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure Personnel Security Forum and has also acted as a consultant to a wide range of organisations to produce substantial improvements in safety performance.


"A well written concise publication. An absolute must read to encourage the broader view of safety principles and risk management. This will definitely be helpful to those who wish to influence decision makers at the higher management levels across the whole business spectrum."