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North West

Welcome to the North West IIRSM Branch page.

About us

We regularly meet and enable local IIRSM members to interact with other likeminded professionals.


The North West Region of the IIRSM recognises that learning is a continual improvement process that doesn’t stop with the completion of a training course. With this in mind the branch intends to provide an added resource to IIRSM members to gain further tools and experiences in the area of occupational health & safety, risk management and additional opportunities such as:

  • Provide CPD opportunity for IIRSM members
  • Provide an open forum for local debates on health, safety and risk management concerns
  • To develop learning and development opportunities for members of the region
  • To encourage research into health, safety and risk management and where possible, to contribute to and be involved in legislative development
  • Provide networking opportunities between regional members
  • Form links of support with other IIRSM regions and branches
  • To provide an active communication link between regional members and the IIRSM central office

To make our branch credible, sensible and proactive, we need people from all walks of life who are interested in realistic, sensible and pragmatic approaches to occupational health & safety and risk management. We need you to share in our meetings and discussions, and get involved in our activities. We also need people to share their experiences, knowledge and passion to help us all as health, safety and risk professionals maintain a holistic approach to business and employee needs.


Once again the North West Region of the IIRSM is under the chairmanship of our founding and past chairman Lee Marsh, who helped to facilitate the first IIRSM branch in 2011 and served as chairman for the first four years, which lead to a number of branch members working toward Fellowship status, branch members presenting their case studies of safety improvement programmes including the challenges and successes. Having once again taken the role of Chairman; Lee is keen to return to the core foundations that established the group of likeminded professionals coming together and sharing their knowledge and experiences within the group. So if you are interesting to getting involved in the North West Region of the IIRSM in a designated role of secretary, membership officer, communication co-ordinator, etc… then contact Lee to discuss.

The region usually meets four times a year and just before the current pandemic the regional meeting was held at a confined space training centre in Knowsley, Merseyside. Were possible it is our aim to continue to visit different sites in order to enhance our knowledge and share our experiences - so if you have a venue/site/workplace that might enable IIRSM members to gain further insight or share a success in our professional field then contact Lee to discuss.

In the meantime, as we continue living and working under the rules of the global pandemic the North West Region will be hosting six online meetings/webinars between June and December 2021. It will be streamed live simultaneously on both a meeting platform and youtube, with a unique assess link and will be open to all IIRSM members, but hosted by the North West Region.