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IIRSM London Branch

Within the London Branch we have a welcomely diverse and skilled membership. Our aim is to provide a means with which we can collaborate and share information, experience and knowledge to the benefit of the members, IIRSM and other risk management professionals.

The role of managing risk in any organisation is key to its success. So, we want our Branch, and its culture, to be open, thought provoking and provocative. Something members want to actively engage with and be part of.

In delivering this we will look to provide more direct access for members to and with the Institute, as well as looking to enhance the membership through:

  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer networking;
  • Presentations by specialists on relevant topic areas;
  • Developing groups within the membership in topic areas to keep up to date with best practice and abreast of emerging change;
  • Being open to suggestions for other events or activities where we can add value;
  • Giving something back.

We are just at the start of developing these initiatives, but if you would like to be part of our future please contact us.

Greg Davies

Chair London Branch