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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the IIRSM Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) branch

I am Darryl McCabe one of the founders of the branch. I am the HSEM Deputy Director at Al Bawani, who is a level 1 contractor here in KSA with over 12,000 personnel and 10 associated companies including Bawani International. 

Due to the geographical nature of KSA, most meetings will be held virtually as the focus of the branch is to engage all main areas of the country, including Jeddah, Mekkah, Amliuj, Madina and Sharma. Once we’ve established our footprint, we hope to see satellite branches in each of these areas.

What I hope to achieve is the establishment of an HSE standard that is Nationally accepted and implemented.

The purpose of the branch is to offer support and assist KSA in the development and implementation of a standard safety procedure, and to have like-minded people working together on this through the IIRSM and other KSA bodies such as Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior.

The aims of the branch are to:    

  • Act as a support hub for risk professionals in the region.
  • Promote IIRSM in KSA through meetings and speakers attending key events in the country.
  • Facilitate member development and support CPD for all, not only members.
  • Support businesses with solutions to risk issues.
  • Work with regulators in developing risk frameworks for KSA in line with the 2030 vision.
  • Work with educational institutes in developing risk modules into educational curriculums.
  • Integrate HSE into the business risk matrix (take HSE out of the silo).
  • Create a platform for exchanging information with a wide support network.

What’s next?

We’ve developed a network of over 120 people. We will support them by initially having meetings at least once, every 2 months. This group will help support and develop our membership base.

  • We have established a WhatsApp Group for all KSA members, members from other regions are more than welcome to join us.
  • We will develop a committee and hold elections in 2022 including sub-committees in each region.
  • We will align our KSA strategy to IIRSM’s overall strategy.
  • We aim to develop membership by 20% year on year to give the Institute a voice in the region and to have IIRSM as the go-to Institute for risk information.
  • We will be approaching influential Government Depts and Companies to assist in the expansion of IIRSM and to request their services such as guest speakers.

How will we achieve this?

We can only achieve our vision and goals in KSA if we have active participation from members and non-members. We must give our members value for money and bring our message to the companies our members work for, showing the management the value of good risk management; including cost savings, increased production, decreases in accidents and incidents, lowering insurance costs, etc.

We will undertake the following activities for our network:

  • Communicate with our branch members about the latest news and updates from IIRSM’s head office on a quarterly basis.
  • Support our members on their CPD journey to become Fellows of our Institute.
  • Provide updates and small information sessions at our meetings.
  • Work with training providers and event organizers to gain discounted attendance at events and on courses.
  • Share information with our members and support them in different areas.
  • Develop the branch website page to help members access information.
  • Develop our less experienced members on presentation skills to assist them in developing their confidence and ability to train others.
  • Support our members in employment opportunities.
  • Create an inclusive branch run by members for members supported by a committee.

We welocme new members to our meetings and to be part of our Risk and Safety community.

KSA Branch Team

Darryl McCabe & Abdullah Ghamdi - KSA Branch Chairs

Nasser Alotaibi - KSA Branch Co-ordinators

Rashid Qathami - KSA Event Co-oridantor