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Ghana is one of the fast growing and influential countries in the West Africa with a vibrant and successful business climate that has continued to attract local and foreign investors. The increased economic activity in the manufacturing, infrastructural development and extractive industries has not only highlighted the increased health, safety and risk profile at operational levels.

Motivation for the formation of the Ghana Branch of IIRSM stems from the increasing stringent OH&S legislation, the development of economic policies, increased concern expressed by interested various parties and the need for strong leadership in matters relating to safety and risk management.

Our Vision

IIRSM to become the leading health, safety, Environment and Corporate Risk Management Professional Institution in Ghana, West Africa and beyond.

Our Mission

IIRSM to provide a firm leadership commitment and represent the interest of health, safety, environment and risk management professionals through training and continuous professional development.

Our Core Values are:



Integrity, and

Ethical behavior


What we intend to do (Our services)

IIRSM Ghana Branch will offer advisory, advocacy and consultancy services, including but not limited to:

  • Advise on best practices in occupational health, safety, environment and risk management
  • Provide professional and student members opportunities for mentoring, forum to meet and share ideas and best practice.
  • Promote IIRSM membership, awareness and growth in Ghana and other African Countries.
  • Raise the profile and benefits of an integrated approach to managing occupational health, safety, environment and other Business related and social risks.
  • Collaborate and develop partnerships with local government and organisations.
  • Share information via webinars, events and meetings.
  • Develop student memberships and relationships with associated educational institutes/universities.
  • Act as a catalyst to boost the growing need for a strong and dynamic force to strengthen and build the local Health, Safety, environment and Risk management capacity needed to meet the current growing demand in Ghana and beyond.

Specific Member Benefits

The branch will offer members an opportunity to participate in training, development and promotion of health, safety and risk management awareness in Ghana and beyond our shores. Members will specifically benefit from:

  • Sharing knowledge and exchange of information within a vibrant group of experts
  • Learning from pulled experience and being supported through various mentoring schemes within the Ghana branch as well as other international branches.
  • Participating and contributing to active debates and case study reviews relating to local and global health, safety and risk management issues
  • Interacting with a network of like-minded professionals and professional bodies who regard safety and risk management as an integral part of our daily business
  • Being an essential part of a dynamic group of professionals who represent a force for promoting, implementing, and enforcing government safety legislation across all sectors
  • Experiencing a unique training and support arrangement between professional members and student member which aims to aid growth and development of skills and career progression within the industry.

Local Key Partnerships/MoUs

The Branch will forge mutually beneficial relationships and collaborate with all local and international Professionals Risk Management Institutions and Governmental Agencies in Ghana, i.e.:

  • Governmental Agencies in Ghana, such as:
    •  Association of Ghana Industries (AGI),
    • Ghana Standards Authority (GSA),
    • Food and Drugs Authority (FDA)
    • National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO)
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
    • Factories Inspectorate Division (FID) of Ministry of Labour and Employment,
    • Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) , etc.

It is the intention of IIRSM Ghana Branch to collaborate fully with key stakeholders in finding practical and pragmatic solutions to matters relating to health, safety, environment and risk management within Ghana.

Our Meetings

As a newly established group, the Ghana Branch will be holding virtual meetings on monthly based meetings, as we build and grow our membership.

Our meetings are held at 7:30pm every first Thursday of the month on Zoom. Meeting days will be revised periodically, as may be required, to suit the growing needs of the Branch.

Future meeting dates:

5th August 2021
2nd September 2021
7th October 2021
4th November 2021
2nd December 2021


Ing. Ben Richard Aniagyei, FIIRSM, (Ghana Branch Chair)

Tel No: +233 243084646