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About Us

We are new, having launched in in June 2022.

Our Vision

Our vision for the branch is to connect like-minded professionals who want to give something back within the region. We will have a full calendar with an event at least monthly. Events will include webinars, panel discussions and face-to-face meetings with a chance for more interaction and visits to member’s locations and other interesting venues. We hope to provoke discussion and debate, as well as learning.

At the beginning we expect to have more presence in Switzerland, where we started, and neighbouring countries. However, we aim to quickly expand into other countries with events and new members. While the common language of such an international branch will be English, we are also open to support events in local language.

We would like to receive ideas and suggestions and would be delighted for branch members to request topics and offer to organize sessions. The committee are all Occupational Safety and Health professionals, so we would especially welcome ideas on other risk management topics.

Our Objectives

  • Providing excellent learning / CPD opportunities
  • Providing opportunities for Networking and sharing best practice
  • Recruitment and growing the branch

As we grow as a branch, we aim to:

  • Raise the profile of risk management within the region
  • Learn from our collective experience, sharing knowledge and exchange of information within an active group of experts
  • Promote IIRSM membership, including providing discounts for branch members
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for members aiming to join IIRSM, and for young people starting careers in risk management

Our committee

For up-to-date news on the Branch, please follow our LinkedIn page