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Fireworks safety - what you need to know

Each year during the end of October and beginning of November, accident and emergency departments experience a surge in admissions. The cause? Poor fireworks safety, as people excited to celebrate Diwali, Halloween, and Bonfire Night endanger themselves and others.

This is a joyful and fun time of year, and there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the dazzling lights while keeping safe. Here, John Heath FIIRSM, CMIOSH, AIFireE, OSHCR, owner of Risk Safety Services, gives some helpful tips on how to keep you and your family and friends safe.

Protecting your digital crown jewels

The single biggest challenge in managing passwords has always been getting users to choose good quality ones. A quick glance across the worst password lists (the National Cyber Security Centre kindly compiles this every year) will tell you we don’t learn very fast, as the most awful ones seem to make the list every single year. I bet you know the ones I mean, p@ssword, letmein, password123, qwerty123, or even 12345 (keep adding numbers for every time you have to change your password).

Energy and environment – What if…..

For a long time, we have taken supplies of water, electricity and gas for granted, but recent events around the world have told us that nothing is guaranteed.  How confident are you in your supplies, and should you be looking more closely at what if…