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Blanket PPE!

I hate the idea of blanket personal protective equipment without proper risk assessment. The moment the signs go up you know it is immediately going to be broken by the Managing Director trotting onto the shop floor in his Gucci loafers / her Laboutin heels. Why do we do this?

The hard hat and high visibility vest have become the bane of every health and safety professional’s life no matter what the risk that presents itself - these two items appear to be obligatory with the associated clipboard for good measure.

Personal protective equipment as we all know is a last resort but we lose credibility if it is over used or indeed underused.

It may be easier to enforce blanket requirements but this is not always the best way.  I never understood why it seems to be a requirement for the Time Team at all times even if they are nowhere near overhead hazards. I acceot it may be easier to keep the PPE on at all times rather than take the items on and off constantly!

But come on it is about risk assessment and well enforced pragmatic rules!

I will just get my hard hat and high visibility vest and trot off to do my Christmas shopping........ oh and the clipboard for the shopping list.


Featured in Insight (March 2015)