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Approved Training Organisation Status

Working in partnership to build knowledge, skills and competence

Training providers seeking course approval from IIRSM are required to become an IIRSM Approved Training Organisation. This provides you with access to our community, technical expertise and a host of other benefits, including:

  • Your company logo and a short paragraph listed on IIRSM’s partnership website page with a link to your company website
  • The use of an ‘Approved Training Organisation logo’ on your website, email signatures and relevant letter head
  • Tne individual membership of IIRSM for a nominated representative
  • The ability to offer  your delegates a 10% discount on IIRSM Affiliate membership
  • Receiving copies of Insight and Health & Safety at Work magazine
  • Access to our Technical Forum for the nominated representative
  • Joint delivery of up to 2 seminars or webinars per year. These are subject to mutual agreement on topics and timings.


All organisations applying to have their courses approved are required to join IIRSM as an Approved Training Organisation at an additional cost of £390 per year. A discount is available for organisations who join and pay for a 3 year period up front.