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IIRSM Free Webinars

Event title: Cyber Threats: the WHAT, HOW, WHO and WHY of computer malware
Date: Tuesday 14 March 
Time: 12:30 to 13:30 GMT
Event summary:
The Internet has gradually filtered into nearly every aspect of our lives.  Many of us routinely bank, shop and socialise online and the Internet is now the life-blood of commercial and non-commercial organisations alike.  This offers plenty of scope for cyber-attackers.  The threat includes the random, speculative attacks that dominate the threat landscape - designed to steal data from anyone unlucky enough to get infected, as well as the growing number of targeted attacks on organisations.  Such attacks can be highly complex and may make use of very sophisticated techniques to infiltrate an organisation and steal sensitive data.  Typically, attacks start by 'hacking the human', i.e. by tricking people into disclosing information that can be used to gain access to corporate resources.  This presentation will outline the types of attack we see [WHAT], the methods used to spread malware [HOW] who's behind them [WHO] and what they want [WHY]. 

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Event title: An online introduction to the basics of risk management for business professionals
Date: Tuesday 28 March 
Time: 12:30 to 13:30 GMT 

This introduction provides delegates with a basic introduction to:

  • The concepts of risk and uncertainty, the types of risk faced by organisations, including both upside (opportunity) and downside (threat) risk. 
  • The importance of understanding the external and internal environment.
  • The skills to be able to identify, measure, evaluate and prioritise risks in their organisation.
  • The key techniques for treating risk – and where to obtain further help in their application. 
  • The behavioural and cultural aspects of risk
  • The value and benefits of integrated risk management, and how it supports strategic, tactical and change objectives
  • A simple framework for the management of integrated business risk

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Event title: Cyber Risks - Guidance for SMEs
Date: Tuesday 25 April 
Time: 12:30 to 13:30 GMT

Event summary:
The session will explore the practical challenges of cyber security in SMEs and provide guidance and suggestions for risk mitigation in some key areas - specifically, 

  • Employee Training & Awareness and 
  • Monitoring Contractors, Outsourcing and Procurement. 

Training staff is an invaluable first line of defence against many of the most common and prevalent cyber threats faced by businesses and individuals alike.  Understanding the best way to approach awareness and regular training programs, is a vital part of any security strategy. SMEs will frequently turn to third party and outsourced services for a variety of disciplines. Understanding the need for due diligence and risk assessment of processes, is vital. In an interconnected world, we are rarely far removed from our supply chain and those who have access to our systems and information assets can inadvertently offer threat. Third party security therefore should not be left to chance or luck. 

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