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Corporate Membership


We want to provide organisations of all sizes in any sector with flexible and relevant options for corporate membership with IIRSM.

We do not require any pre-qualifications for the individual contacts we would have with you through our corporate membership choices. Of course if you have qualified personnel already our memberships will support them with many benefits.

Equally if you want to develop personnel in health and safety or risk management our corporate packages can also offer free or discounted applications and even a free annual membership for a qualifying individual.

As our subscriptions are based on the size of your organisation we have structured them to be available to all companies wherever you are based. This option is ideal for small businesses or any commercial, retail, industrial and public sector entity. Nearly half of our Corporate members are based internationally.

We have two packages on offer, Corporate and Corporate Plus. Both offer excellent value for money and the Corporate Plus package provides more and the opportunity to raise your organisation’s profile.

Subscriptions are payable for at least one year, and discounted rates are available for two and three year options. See the Fees Tab for more information. 


Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership allows companies to illustrate their commitment to risk and safety management while maximising their potential through education, support and knowledge sharing.

Corporate Plus Membership

Corporate Plus Membership is for companies who want to further demonstrate their commitment to risk management, and offers increased profiling opportunities and further discounts. Corporate Plus Members will be given the opportunity to showcase themselves and enhance their reputation with a dedicated profile on the IIRSM website, giving the organisation the opportunity to share its vision and ethos with a wider audience.

There is no competence-based entry threshold. With the Corporate Plus option we engage with you to draw-out some definition of your previous success or future aspirations in health, safety or risk management. The objective is to agree a short statement of your vision or success alongside your organisation’s logo on the IIRSM website Corporate Members page. This is visible to any visitor reaching our website.




We want to offer you access to our network of knowledge, training and education, valuable to business leaders, managers and professional practitioners.

We have made it easy to join (see the How to join Tab) and choose the membership that suits your needs.

Corporate Membership

Two separate named contacts within your organisation

Two copies of Health and Safety at Work magazine / IIRSM Newsletter

Two FREE ½ day CPD places per year

50% off further ½ day CPD places

50% off one annual conference delegate fee

No application fee for any organisation employee individual memberships

Discount on publications

Access to IIRSM Branch networks

Use of standard IIRSM corporate logo

Access to professional helplines

Corporate Plus Membership

All of the above PLUS:

Use of the bespoke IIRSM Corporate Plus logo

Access to the annual open meeting of IIRSM’s Technical Committee

Hosting of organisation profile on the IIRSM website

One year free individual IIRSM membership



 As Corporate membership is not tied to an individual in your organisation there are no personal requirements for updating individuals’ continuing professional development (CPD).

Most of the benefits and features available to your organisation will however help precisely with this with the knowledge sharing, seminars, publications and other events we have on offer.

If you already have individual members of IIRSM please see the Individual membership page for further details about personal CPD.


For all memberships (individual and corporate) we have to cover our administration costs with a reasonable, normally, one-off application fee when you first join.

As the Corporate plus option includes the promotion of your organisations achievements or aspirations the application fee also covers the information gathering and discussion we would have with you to agree the statement for publication on our website with your logo. For all involved this should be kept current. For this reason we repeat the review of the statement with every year and for this there is the repeat verification fee. (On the anniversary of you joining.)

Our subscription fee structure is based on ..

  • Your choice of Corporate or Corporate Plus package

  • Your choice of one, two or three year subscription payment in advance and

  • The level responding to your organisation’s size (head count).

The tables show the complete range of options.


Corporate Membership.

An initial application fee of £95 applies. Subscription based on number of employees in your organisation.

  1-50 51-150 151-300 301-500 500+
1 year 390 490 590 690 790
2 years (10% discount) 700 880 1060 1240 1400
3 years (20% discount) 930 1150 1400 1650 1890


Corporate Membership Plus.

An Annual application/verification fee of £175 applies. Subscription based on number of employees in your organisation.

  1-50 51-150 151-300 301-500 500+
1 year 550 650 750 850 950
2 years (10% discount) 990 1170 1350 1530 1710
3 years (20% discount) 1300 1550 1800 2000 2250



Prices exclude VAT. VAT will be added to the above prices for UK applicants only.

How to Join
Application Process

To help you join IIRSM all applications can be started online through this website on the links below.

The online processes are managed by our Membership Team who are available to help you during London office opening times (GMT 09:00 to 17:00 Mondays to Fridays).

The typical steps for all applications are:-

Step 1 – Complete the relevant online application: Corporate Membership or Corporate Plus Membership

Step 2 – Attach electronic copies of supporting documents (Corporate Plus applications only)

Step 3 – Submit payment for the relevant Membership subscription, and the application fee.

To apply for Corporate Membership click here

To apply for Corporate Plus Membership click here

Membership Process
  • Having submitted your online application, you will receive an email acknowledgement that we have received your application.
  • We will review your submission, check attachments and verify where necessary.
  • Once verified your application will be processed within 3 working days (Please note: IIRSM offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays as well as on UK Bank Holidays).

If your application is successful your welcome pack will be posted to you. The pack includes your Certificate, welcome letter and IIRSM newsletter and HSW Magazine. New UK Members should receive their membership welcome pack by post in 2 weeks. International members may have to wait longer to receive their new membership pack depending on the speed and reliability of postal services.

For Corporate Plus Applications

The process of information exchange and dialogue with verification for Corporate Plus applications will take an estimated 2-3 weeks, but the timescale will depend on the availability of one our Assessors and the necessary communication channels required in your organisation to complete and agree the published statement and logo.